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Lash lifts and tints are becoming increasingly popular as it is the perfect, low-maintenance process to enhance your client’s natural lashes. The lash lift process involves the natural perming and curling of an individual’s natural lashes for a more defined and enhanced look which can last for up to 8 weeks. The lash tint is applied to make your client’s lashes look even more full and voluminous. If your clients are wondering what the perks of a lash lift and tint are, we’ve collated a list of the amazing benefits:

It is recommended that you inform your clients to grow out their brows for at least 3 weeks prior the appointment in order for you to achieve the best possible shape. The usual process of a brow lamination involves:


First and most importantly, it is low maintenance. The curl of their lash can last between 6-12 weeks, which ultimately depends on the health of your client’s lashes, and how well they take to the treatment.

  • It is a treatment that enhances their natural lashes.
  • Their lashes will look fuller, longer, and thicker.
  • Their eyes will appear more open and youthful.
  • Put the lash curlers away! There is no need to reach for the curler anymore.
  • There is no need for mascara for the first few weeks as the treatment includes a tint which darkens the lashes. After the tint fades, they can add mascara as they please.
  • · There is minimal aftercare required.
  • They are great alternative to Eyelash Extensions which can be time consuming to have done and require infills which can be costly.
  • If they are time poor, this will minimise their morning routine.

Build on your beauty services and skill through our Lash Lift & Tint Express Online Course that gives the ultimate enhancement to your client’s natural lashes without the fuss of extensions.

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