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The Cosmetic Tattoo Academy bySTELLA is Australia’s premier education provider. Our values of quality, integrity and expertise, mean our graduates stand out and go on to leaders in the cosmetic tattoo field.

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Stella Shenouda

Stella is a Certified Trainer and Clinic Owner. She has the qualifications and experience required to teach you everything you need to know about Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures.

Stella draws on extensive training experience and knowledge of all different techniques used around the world and is well sought after in the industry by many high-profile personnel and talent to help them achieve an on trend look, with superior workmanship.

Our training methods combine various techniques Stella has learnt throughout her National and International studies. Stella is certified in 3D micro-blading, Ombre and powder effect, phi brows and full lip blend tattooing, eyeliner tattooing and is highly ranked in the industry.

Driving our Passion

Our Mission

To Share Knowledge

To empower women

To support the industry

To create a standard of excellence

I have a commitment to service and a desire to provide true value through my love of teaching. I was taught that your intent will be always be reflected in your authenticity.

I love the feeling of making a positive impact on people’s lives. I started educating so that I could inspire and help young start-ups grow, to build true leaders and to also assist people that were stepping out of their comfort zone. bySTELLA training academy gives students an opportunity to change their life by enabling our students to generate a stronger income and build independent success.

Through my experience I found that there weren’t enough regulations or focus on how long people need to train in this field prior to being certified. I found I was doing a lot of corrective procedures as new businesses were performing work they were not properly qualified to carry out.

Our workshops are designed to give ample support to students whilst they’re working through various levels. Our training is flexible and designed in a way that students can work through levels of competency at their own pace. This in turn ensures that students are competent in delivering our techniques at an above satisfactory level promoting consistency within our academy and driving industry excellence.

I believe the source of my success lies in how much I care. I came with a lot of energy and passion and I attracted opportunities. I also became passionate about teaching my method because no one else was teaching these methods in one effective delivery system. I disrupted the market by bridging the gap that was missing.

We offer extensive support through our workshops nationally and online courses that reach both local and international students.

To be the best in the industry takes hard work, passion and perseverance. We strive to ensure you master the technical skills you need, to be successful.

what they’re saying

As a student that has come from Bystella academy I can 100% vouch for all of this and so much more to be true. Stella... you have given me a tool for life. Not just in microblading but the way you run and handle your business is truly an inspiration. I can not thank you enough for the support, lessons, patience and understanding on my journey into becoming an eyebrow specialist. I will forever be grateful for your wisdom, passion and selfless teaching. I would recommend this academy to anyone who is interested in learning the art of eyebrows.

Bushi Brow

Stella is very friendly and easy going. Whenever I needed any questions answered, she always came back to me. Couldn't recommend this workshop enough!

Rhonda Farah

Stella really takes the time to make sure you understand what you're learning. The content is clear and she's got such a beautiful personality.

Dearne Law

Stella exceeded my expectations. Her micro-blading course was very detailed & informative. I've learned a lot from Stella as she is very knowledgeable regarding clinical aspects of micro-blading.

Jackie Rabelista

Hi Stella ,I jut wanted to say I AM EXHAUSTED AND OVERWHELMED IN THE BEST WAY!!! THANK YOU ! I had the best time learning from you -Time to practice xxx

Chadia Hannawe

They say you are only as good as your teacher and my teacher's pretty Fricken awesome!! LOVE , LOVE, LOVED IT!!

Stephanie Pappas

`This was such a thorough course, I loved the ongoing support, everything was beyond my expectation . Thank you again!`

Natalie Saliba

This was such an intense workshop.. but so glad I enrolled with you guys !!

Claire Wilson

Super excited to start micro-blading . Thank you for a wonderful two days Stella everything was AMAZING!!

Noni Sampson
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