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Skin needling Meso Therapy and BB Glow Training

Skin Needling Meso Therapy & BB Glow Training

Microneedling MesoTherapy is a procedure where we use a micro-needling tool to penetrate specially formulated corrective serums into the skin to maintain skin health and to treat any skin concerns.

BB serum gives not only coverage but also treats the skin from the inside out. Since we use a micro-needling tool that penetrates the foundation into the skin, after several procedures the skin will have a BB cream effect (a clearer and more even complexion) that will last several months. During this treatment we are also stimulating collagen production creating a smoother and more plump effect as we are creating tiny micro-injuries in the skin.

Some of the products we use are:

Hydro stem Cell Booster Ampoule contains Hyaluronic acid proven to hydrate skin and lock in moisture.

Gold Peptide Booster Ampoule contains 99.9% Pure Gold together with concentrated peptides to help fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots, it also helps brighten and lift the skin.

Derm Acne Control Booster Ampoule is recommended for people with Acne and Breakouts, it fights pimple-causing bacteria and helps with skin healing.

Boto-Rx is a premium Ampoule suitable for sagging and wrinkled skin.  It will lift and firm the problematic area like a botox effect.

Salmon DNA is formulated with the magical PDRN acquired from Salmon’s DNA to heal and treat the skin.  This is suitable for people who wish to improve their skin texture tremendously.

White and Bright are our Whitening Ampoule.  It effectively lightens the skin in just a few sessions.

Our 1 day personalised face to face training covers theory and practical components of Skin needling, Meso therapy and BB Glow treatment enhancements. The course fee is $3,500 and includes a full kit, electric micro needling device (Dr Pen) along with 20 needle cartridges to conduct 20 treatments.


This not only means repeat client visits but offers a quick and easy treatment solution to expand your Services e offerings while increase your business revenue.


Ready to Upskill ? Head to our workshop calendar to secure your seat or reach out to our friendly team to discuss our interest free payment plans!

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