9.1 Identifying Spine Styles

9.1 Identifying Spine Styles

After the consultation technicians are required to determine the spine style i.e. growth pattern of each individual client. If a client has no hair, then the technician can determine their own growth pattern. This is to be discussed with the client first. If, however hair is present, then technicians will need to work within the client’s natural growth pattern to achieve the most natural feathering result.

There are 4 different spine types the client’s brow may identify with:

Spine 6: Lower hair strokes stop at POINT 6 and upper strokes continue to the tail toward point 3.

Spine 3: Both upper Hair strokes and lower hair strokes evenly grow to meet Point 3.

Upper Strokes: ALL hair strokes grow upwards and meet at the upper line.

Spine 5: Apply to ASIAN STYLES where the transition curves to point 5 and the upper strokes all work down towards the lower line. Draw in the connecting points for Spine 5

Figure 16: Spine Styles
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