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Toochi Faster processing Lip Anaesthetic sheets


Toochi Numbing Lip sheets are a quick and easy pre numbing solution. Activating in as little as 10 minutes this product is sure to speed up productivity in your cosmetic tattoo studio! Sheets are individually packed with 10 individual sets of  lip stencils for easy application and quicker numbing!! Single use item, only 1 sheet required per client! These numbing stencils are a GAME CHANGER!

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Toochi Numbing sheets
IMPORTANT – Toochi Numbing Sheets are very strong – DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR MORE THAN 2 MIN FOR LIPS AND 10
Once area is numb, discard the numbing sheets and ensure all numbing residue is removed.
Do not get numbing residue into open / tattooed skin. Numbing sheets to be applied to intact skin only.

• Cosmetic Tattooing / Permanent Makeup
• Lip Blush / Lip Tattooing treatments
• Fillers
Toochi Numbing Sheets are fast working numbing, single use and hygienic numbing for cosmetic tattooing. They reduce bleeding and will help
keep your client comfortable throughout their appointment. We recommend Toochi Blue Magic for during procedure numbing, if you would like
to top up the numbing.

• Clean brows or lips with an antibacterial soap prior to numbing
• Rip open packet and remove the numbing sheet (brow sheets come with 2, rub together gently to separate)
• Apply to brows / or lips, being careful to avoid getting into eyes and mouth. Hold lips firmly together to avoid getting into the mouth
• Leave for 1min, remove and check area for any signs of reaction and to check numbness
• Reapply for 1min, and check again, repeating the process until numbness is felt
IMPORTANT – DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR THAN 2 MIN FOR LIPS AND 10 MINS FOR BROWS. These sheets are stronger / faster working than gel or
cream numbing and work very quickly. We recommend checking every 30 secs to 1 minute and remove once numbness is felt.
• Remove numbing sheet, discard numbing sheet and clean the area completely before beginning procedure. Change gloves and clean
workstation to ensure no numbing residue is left behind. The area is ready for the procedure.

Lidocaine 4%, Epinephrine 2%, Tetracaine 2%, Aqua.

Do not use if you have any allergy to topical numbing cream, or other local anesthetics.
Do not apply to cuts, grazes, wounds, eczema or skin rash. Not for internal use.
Do not use if you have any major health conditions. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Patch test is recommended, as above.

Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30C, protect from sunlight and do not freeze
Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse immediately and seek medical attention. If ingested or allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention.
Single use only, discard once opened and used.


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