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bySTELLA gentle adhesive Measuring ruler


This 50 pack roll of eyebrow measurement ruler stickers help you find each important measurement point more easily and more precisely. Experienced artists through to beginners love these stickers are they assist in achieveing perfect symmetry and precision, partly because the ruler sticks to the face for steady measurements.

The measurements on this sticker are derived from golden mean proportions and work well on any face shape. This ruler has a combination of horizontal and vertical measurements on the inside and outside of the eyebrows giving the technician more precision and balance.

These stickers are simple to use. Just remove the backing and place the sticker horizontally from the centre point of the face out. Ensure the face is thoroughly cleaned first, wiped down with an alcohol swab and then left to dry, prior to attempting to adhere onto the face. This ensures all oils are removed from the face, sanitizing as well as allowing for easier drawing onto the skin.

50 stickers are contained in every batch.

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