Business and marketing

It is always to ask someone you know to be a model for your final submission as this will allow you to be more at ease as you will know their character but also allow you to check in on how your work is healing to really understand the tattooing process.

It is ideal to create a FB business page and Instagram page as your friends will be the ones to push your business to a greater community.

Once you have a business page, it is important to start building your portfolio of before and afters. To build interest and source models create a catchy title and photo to start advertising for models! Capitalise any words like FREE in your captions. ‘’Yes I said FREE! Looking for Scalp Model! Free Scalp Micropigmentation Session!”


Be sure to put contact information up there as well as any requirements of your models.

There are many different people who will choose to take this course. Which do you fall into?

  1. Previous business owner who wants to expand their services
  2. People who are looking to start their own business and determine their own working hrs
  3. People looking for a hobby and love the art behind it
  4. People working for a business who would like them to expand their knowledge and learn this skillset.


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