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Brow Lamination is one of the latest brow trends that involves a two-step process of setting the hairs into place to give the brows a new defined shape using a chemical solution, essentially a perm for your eyebrows. It helps give the appearance of slightly fuller and thicker brows as the hairs can be styled to cover any sparse areas. Ultimately, giving a result very similar to the full and feathery effect of microblading, but without any needling or pain.


For those clients who aren’t keen on a more permanent brow treatment such as microblading , brow laminations are a great alternative! They are the perfect treatment for those who have hairs in irregular directions, gaps or just want the perfectly groomed and brushed up look.


It is recommended that you inform your clients to grow out their brows for at least 3 weeks prior the appointment in order for you to achieve the best possible shape. The usual process of a brow lamination involves:

o Consultation to establish brow goals

o Cleanse the area

o Redefine the shape by plucking/waxing misplaced hairs

o Brush the hairs into desired shape

o Apply perming solutions to set the brows in place

o Apply desired tint

o Brush brow hairs up again and apply nourishing oil


The results of brow lamination generally last up to 4 to 6 weeks but with proper care they can last as long as 8 weeks. Want to add brow laminations to the list of services you offer? bySTELLA Academy is now offering an online course on brow laminations, enquire about this course today!

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