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The Leading
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)/Hair Tattoo
Clinic in Australia

About Us

To get the best scalp micropigmentation result you require an experienced, skilled practitioner and we are arguably Australia’s finest in scalp micropigmentation techniques. We take great pride in creating a very natural look with a soft faded hairline. We have helped hundreds of Men transform their appearance with scalp micropigmentation and scar camouflage for FUE and FUT hair transplant scars. Scalp micropigmentation is a fashionable, non-surgical, long-term, cost effective hair loss solution with immediate results. It is suitable for any level of hair loss, from completely balding to thinning hair.

The SMP Process

Step 1

Free Consultation

Fill in your enquiry form to book your free, no obligation consultation in our Sydney, Melbourne or Perth studios, and sit down for a one on one with our highly skilled artists to discuss your desired outcomes, pricing and sessions. For your convenience, phone and video consultations are also available.

Step 2

SMP Treatments

Most clients require 2-4 sessions, with 7-14 days between to allow for your scalp to fully heal. Each session will be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours in duration. There will be some post-treatment redness after each session, and some aftercare as well which your artist will run through with you, but other than that, you are free to go back to your normal activities. And rest assured, your SMP looks very presentable after each session.

Step 3

Confidence Restored

Fill in your enquiry form to book your free, no obligation consultation in our Sydney, Melbourne or Perth studios, and sit down for a one on one with our highly skilled artists to discuss your desired outcomes, pricing and sessions. For your convenience, phone and video consultations are also available.

Life Changing Results

Before & After

SMP for men before and after result on a satisfied client.

Before & After

SMP for men before and after result on a satisfied client.

Before & After

SMP for men before and after result on a satisfied client.


Scalp micropigmentation requires a highly experienced practitioner, scalp pigments are used to create a premium natural result. We use fine detailed pointillism techniques to obtain the desired look. Our experienced tattooist has over 10 years of tattooing experienced and is a certified trainer.

Yes, the micropigmentation colour is always adapted to the individuals skin tone. Adjusting the colour is one of the most important aspect of micropigmentation, that and a naturally created hairline, only get performed by a respected SMP Clinic.

Micropigmentation is semi-permanent lasting 7-10 years fading gradually. The extent of fading depends on the individuals’ skin & health and over time SMP still looks great. Most clients come back for a 1hr top-up after 3-4 years for maintenance.

When scalp micropigmentation is performed by a trained practitioner there are no side effects, after each scalp treatment it feels like a mild sunburn sensation for a few hours. As long as aftercare is followed the treated area will be healed within 7 -10 days.

Free Consultation!!

Scalp micropigmentation can be blended into any hair colour. At the free consultation you will receive a thorough breakdown of the treatment, have some hairline mapping done and provides you with a chance to have all your questions answered! book in your consultation!

Scalp Micropigmentation Costs

The affordable solution to hair loss

Scalp Micro Pigmentation has fast become a popular solution for hair loss due to its low, one-off costs which gives guaranteed results. When looking at the costs of a hair loss solution it is important to put all of the facts into the equation.

The Cost of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Compared To Other Hair Loss Treatments

We see many adverts for hair transplants which can be enticing, but many people fail to realise that the transplanted hair doesn’t always take hold and begins to shed leaving you with thinning hair all over again, you then require repeat hair transplants with the costs spiraling much higher than first expected. If Wayne Rooney, after spending $30’000 on hair transplants is still thinning, what chance do we have?

Other hair loss solutions such as Laser caps, Medication, Hair thickening solutions and Hair Fibers offer minimal results if any. Laser caps will have you looking for minimal hair growth if any 6 months down the line, medication may slow hair loss slightly over time but will still leave you with thinning hair which certainly doesn’t grow and are the side effects really worth the risk? Hair Fibers can be convincing if applied correctly, but is dodging the rain or missing out on swimming whilst on holiday really a hair loss solution? All of these treatments have an ongoing cost which may seem affordable at first but add these costs up over the years for the rest of your life and you will see that they are far from affordable hair loss solutions. In fact post hair transplant clients make up over 30% of our client base at Scalp Culture!

This is why now, more hair loss sufferers than ever are turning to Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The results are guaranteed, with a one-off affordable cost, and once your treatment is complete you are free to swim, work out in the gym and live a perfectly normal life without the worry of hair loss whatsoever.


Scalp Micropigmentation

Pricing & Booking

Your Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment is a personalised service to suit your exact requirements. As no two clients are the same, we determine the exact cost of your treatment once we have received pictures of your scalp. Once we have assessed your hair loss situation, we then offer a pricing plan which is designed to suit all budgets.

We offer various types of consultations to suit all clients:

Face to Face Consultations – At our clinic locations where you will meet your practitioner to discuss your requirements. $95 consultation, redeemable at treatment

Online Consultations –Free Either by sending your pictures by email / whatsapp, or video call. This option works well for clients who have limited time or live a far distance from our clinic location.

Consultations can be booked either by email or telephone call. Prior to booking a face to face consultation, we do require clear pictures of your scalp to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for SMP.

Scalp Micropigmentation

For Women
Fuller, Thicker Hair – Getting You, Back To You.

Scalp Micropigmentation for women creates the look of density to thinning hair by depositing our pigments underneath your existing hair to create a fuller, thicker look which gives a completely undetectable and natural result.
Female hair loss is not spoken about as male hair loss, but can be just as traumatic. Whether you are experiencing thinning hair around your parting and crown areas, alopecia or have hair loss around the temple area due to tight hair styles or have complete hair loss, we can help. And of course, there is no requirement to shave your longer hair, unless you want to!

Scalp Micropigmentation

Give Your SMP a Fresh Look

Scalp Micropigmentation is a permanent solution to hair loss and will last a lifetime with short maintenance touch ups along the way. How often you require touch ups depends on various factors such as your immune system, sunshine exposure and how you look after your treatment. Some clients may require touch ups around every 4 to 6 years where as others may require touch ups every 2 to 3 years. Some clients may never need a touch up. It really does differ from person to person.
The SMP treatment will never fade away but you may find that after a few years it just needs a light touch-up to refresh your look. Whether you had your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment with us or at another clinic, we are always happy to help with touch ups and adjustments.
Touch-ups: Usually last around 1-2 hours. We can match your current shade or darken your treatment if required.
Adjustments: As time goes by, we change, we grow, and you may wish to alter your SMP treatment to fit your current appearance. For example, a guy in his 20’s may have chosen a sharper hairline, but now in his 30’s feels that a natural scattered hairline is more suitable. If you wish to adjust your hairline to fit your current look or add to the density of your current treatment, we are always on hand to help you achieve your preferred look whether you had your initial treatment with us or at another clinic.

Scalp Micropigmentation

For Scars
The only way to truly disguise scars.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent solution for disguising scars. Whether it be post hair transplant scarring or a scar from an injury, Scalp Micropigmentation is the only treatment which guarantees results. Our practitioners are highly experienced in treating scar tissue of all types including those gained from either FUE Hair transplants, FUT Hair transplants, Plug Scars or Personal injury. Scar tissue can absorb pigments more than regular skin and so we recommend 4 to 5 SMP sessions to complete your treatment. Scars of all shapes and sizes can be treated using our SMP treatment whether they are of the scalp or facial hair.


Scalp Micropigmentation gives you a fashionable hairstyle. No matter the hair losswe create a look with a age appropriate natural hairline,

We create your hairline over the 3 appointments, our technique creates a natural looking hairline, Why have average when you can have extraordinary

Hair loss affects over 85% of males, Scalp Micropigmantation blends into your remaining hair, reduces head shine and covers the crown hair loss area.

Scalp Micropigmentation will restore your hairline to its previous state, instantly resulting in a younger appearance and increase confidence. Call us today and find out more

Scalp Micropigentation adds density to your hair by removing the contrast between your scalp and hair. SMP is also used to significantly increase density with existing hair.

We at The Look SMP provide the highest quality Scalp Micropigmentation in Australia. Our experience and attention to detail provides our clients with premium results.

Camouflaging the scar area significantly reduces the appearance of the scar


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‘’Really happy with the treatment. I now have a perfect hairline and I am over the moon with the work thats been done. The sessions have been great with no pain, from the second I walked into the studio I knew I was in good hands, the professionalism is on another level. No one has been able to tell I’ve had it done even up close. Massive massive thank you for sorting my hair out!’’


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‘’Professional and bespoke service, my one to one consultation was informative and friendly. Not pushy, clean and modern environment with real hands on advice and recommendations. Hair loss is a very sensitive subject, i was made to feel comfortable about discussing my options.’’


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“Wow, so happy with the end result. I feel so much more confident in myself. I now have the hair line of my younger self. Really professional throughout. Great all around from treatment to aftercare. Cannot recommend enough!”


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‘’Life changing and one of the best decisions I’ve made, the team are great and I highly recommend them’’



‘’Was a bit nervous before the procedure as I have seen on the internet the awful results other people had in other clinics. I decided to take a chance, now I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The specialist was very friendly, knowledgeable, gave me plenty of information and made me comfortable. I highly recommend anybody interested in getting the Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment to contactbystella!’’


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