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3D Microblading

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First and foremost, BYSTELLA PTY LTD would like to congratulate you for taking the first steps to becoming a microblading technician!

Microblading is a skill which requires a lot of time and effort to master. As you are aware no skill can be mastered in a few days. Attaining and improving skills requires hard work practice, persistence and consistent effort.

This course will include both theory and practical components and aims to give you the confidence to apply microblading treatment in your business venture. It will teach you a microblading technique that your clients will be raving of and make your competitors jealous.

Theory will be completed at home and touched on during the practical tutorials where the learnt microblading technique will be applied on skin simulations and then once the technique has been mastered on live models.

In this course You will learn how to:

  • Determine which client can undergo a treatment based on health and aesthetics
  • Draw different shapes of eyebrows as determined by your client face structure and ethnicity
  • Draw a shape on a live model
  • Form a symmetrical eyebrow shape using golden mean measurement 1.618
  • Match Pigment Colour including the theory behind it
  • Use the BYSTELLA microblading tools & equipment

N.B. Prior to Practical day 3 and Final Assessment we recommend that you complete the online course SHBBINF001: Maintain Infection Control Standards

Please make sure to check out the materials tab of this page to download course resources


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