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One of the most effective ways of advertising is word of mouth! Your client’s recommendations are more influential than any other form of advertising as they hold weight with other potential clients.


So how do you ensure your current and future clients are referring your business in a positive light? Here are my top 3 best ways to help boost referrals!


1. Map out your customers journey

Take a moment to sit down and map out your client’s journey from start to finish and look out for areas where you can make improvements.

For example, providing a playlist option for clients to choose between, as music can heighten one’s experience. This is especially great for clients who are a bit apprehensive with the sound of the blade entering their skin, offering a great distraction.  Comfort is key so providing an environment where your client feels at ease, will increase the referrals to your business.

You should also ensure you are providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment that your client would be more than happy to send their family/friends to.


2.  Follow up the day after initial appointment

Humanizing customer service is critical to building trust and loyalty. Keep your business at the fore front of your client’s mind even after their appointment by sending them their before and after pictures along with a warm message around post-care steps and reminding them to reach to out you if they have any questions. This personal touch will further encourage your clients to spread the word about their amazing experience with your services.


3. Offer a referral program

You can’t beat a ‘refer a friend’ card handed to a client by yourself or another beauty therapist. Your referral program can include offering a discount on certain services or offering a free service after so many referrals. Make sure you implement a way to track which clients are referring who so that you can reward the right person.

So, there you have 3 ways you can boost referrals! Let me know how you get on, I would love to hear about what’s working for you and your business.  STELLA x

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